Sneak Peak at Christmas

Here is a time lapse video of one of the designs for my Christmas cards. I know it's early but one cannot sit on their hands about these things. I hope you enjoy.

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I wish I could come up with more clever titles for these blog posts... 

but I digress. Here is a close-up of a project I'm working on for the next few days. It'll be posted in full once it's done. Keep a look out!

Have a great week! 


Saved Him From Ikea I Did

Here is a antiqued scarf holder I made for myself.

Step 1: Original Door. Beat it a little with sharp tools so the paint would pool in unique ways and give it a worn older look.

Step 2: Black Overlay. Covered sections in wax to make sanding easier.

Step 3: Colored Layer. Added any unique colors I wanted to show through. Covered different sections in wax to make sanding easier.

Step 4: White Overlay.

Step 5: Strategic Sanding. Sanded in easily worn areas to make it look natural. The wax on each layer helped those layers show up easier than attempting to sand it without it.

Step 6: Antique Glaze. To finish that antique look a coat of golden glaze was applied to corners and edges.

Door Progression 2.jpg

Step 7: Add the hooks and knobs. And add your scarves or necklaces or whatever you want!

And to see the finished product!!!! Drum role please..........

Jump to the LINK to see the finish. Yeah, ain't I a stinker.

Have a great one!



Here are first drafts of some invites and RSVP cards for a friend's wedding. Three different styles. One very formal, one really contemporary, and one kinda in between. There were certain things they asked for so hopefully I fulfilled their requests. Well. There they are. HOpe they like one of them.