Art in the City

So we ventured to the Big Apple for a little get away. (Now we know why they call it that!) But I digress, the point of this post is to show you a tiny glimpse of The Cloisters, a branch of the MET. It is the only museum in America that focuses exclusively on the Middle Ages. John D. Rockefeller gave funds and pieces of his personal medieval art collection to the MET to create the Cloisters. It's an amazing collection of frescoes, sculptures, architectural elements, paintings, and much much more! But my favorite was the Unicorn Hunt tapestries. I could've stayed in the tapestries room for hours. I've been dreaming of this place since I learned about it in Art History of the Middle Ages in college. It did not disappoint. If you ever get the chance to go, you should.



Here's Another Test

I have tried out for my next review. Now I know what you're going to tell me... "This vendor is a professional card printer so of course the quality of the postcards is going to be better!" And I'd have to agree with you. And if I agreed with you we'd both be correct. These cards came out amazing.

Overall a great experience. There are a few things to note. They let you choose almost as many designs as you want to print. Super cool. With most print vendors you need to print a certain amount of the same design and if you don't they cost an arm and a leg. Not so with Moo. One downfall was you can't choose a matte picture side. And they have a few templates for the back side but very limited. So no customization on the writing side. 

Overall minor complaints.  

I will definitely use them in the future for small customizable jobs.  

Testing Testing... 3, 4

Remember way back when, when I said we were going to review a few vendors for all your information needs! Well it's finally time to address a new site - BlueCanvas -

But lets start this story with a few initial facts...

1. I ordered a set of post cards with the same design on them  from 2 sites at the same time... well 10 minutes apart! lol

2. The previously reviewed articles arrived a few weeks after purchasing. Maybe 2 weeks at the most.

3. The items I ordered from BlueCanvas were not to be seen! Where could they be!? And this is where our story picks up...

After 3 disgruntled phone calls and several MORE weeks later they arrived. In a beat up little white envelop... I actually threw it away already so no shot of that... sorry.


Again I think it all comes down to what you like in a print. My cohort of dastardly art-attacks likes the BlueCanvas one's better. I prefer the RedBubble

Testing... Testing... 1,2

So I wanted to do a little product distribution (or perhaps i just wanted printed copies of my work) so I selected a few online art communities to see what kind of products they offer. The first one I tried was I've seen mixed reviews of the products people ordered so I decided to purchase a few for myself.