Vast Depth

Here is a new manipulated image. I love underwater photography because of the grit the water textures add to the photo. So much fun. I also had fun playing around with all the color on this one. Hope you enjoy.

Birthday Post!

This pond reminded me of the story of the fisherman who caught a fish that said "if you free me I will grant you three wishes." I don't really remember how the rest goes but that's what i was thinking when i was waiting for the perfect fish to photograph. hmmm three wishes... maybe next time. :) 

Drink It All In

Here is a new Sunday Walk post. Business has been crazy in the land of ErinArt. Hoping to get back to some sense of normalcy soon. 

A nice walk on the beach and seeing the remnants of so many sunsets past. I just love the repetition of vertical patterns.

Have a wonderful week. 

drink it in.jpg

A Nice Little Walk

Here is another addition to our Sunday Walk. 

Someone asked me what these images mean - why am I making them so "weird." 

Well I'm attempting to collect things uncollectable - details in the world that are overlooked the majority of the time by the majority of the people. When is the last time you studied the petals on a flower 1 inch in diameter and noticed how the color changes as the petals fan outward? 

The other aspect of these images is how we see them. Everything a person observes is based off of past experiences. We all see everything through a personal lens. The distortions and frames and textures that are added to our collected objects makes me study the subject more - study how that lens affects the image.

Sailing Canoes

Sailing Canoes

Have a great week! 

Two Birds

So I decided to attempt to do more photography. Ive always loved it. Mostly black and white film but I've decided to venture more into the color and digital realms. I've also always loved the textures and colors of what happens when film goes wrong. So with all the apps for creating photo mistakes like the Holga camera - which I adore - here is my first attempt in the pool. ---Two Birds---


Two Birds.jpg