Happy Valentine's Day!

I like celebrating Valentine's day with any type of love - romantic, friendship, family, or even the love we should have for strangers, our fellow human. Whether you celebrate with a friend, spouse, or a sibling today is about feeling the love! Maybe buy a stranger behind you a coffee at the drive thru. Or give a coworker a extra nice hello. Just try spreading the love. Hope you have a great day!

2018-Valentines Unicorn.png


To all the women who care for others and raise little humans. You are mothers every day but please take this day as a reminder that you are amazing and all your hard work is not forgotten or unappreciated. Thank you.

Your Voice...

There are so many things happening out there right now. So much negativity, fear, anxiety, pride, entitlement, anger, etc. I hope that all can take a breath, work for what is good and right in this world, find peace, and be not selfish. Do see the good in the people around you and this place we live. We are here together on this one planet that can support us. Don't give up, keep heart. I love you all, even if we've never met.