Up for sale!!!

Hi all! I've been working on a storefront on a great t-shirt website - Threadless.com. I now can sell my shirts on demand. They are not screen printed but they are a fine quality digital print. So go ahead and take a peak. You might see one of your favorite designs or discover something new! Here are a few that are up so far. And be ready to look for more in the future!


Birthday Cards!

Here are a few birthday cards I created a while ago.  I like making homemade cards, I wish I did it more often. I also love paper. The textures, the colors! Using different pencils and inks and paint on them. How they react next to each other and to the mediums that you apply. So much fun!

Creatures Can Move

Well it has been a long time since I posted. Alot has happened in that time... but straight to the art! Here is my first real animation. I've never done more than 10 consecutive drawings before. BEHOLD! 90-some-odd consecutive drawings!

I drew him for a very good friend who needed to smile. Funny how someone can inspire you so much.

Little guy is squirmin along and runs out of room on the paper so he decides to jump as high as he can for some excitement but what will happen on the fall down!?!? Find out on our next episode... oh wait... you can already see. Nevermind, all ends well.

Thanks for any comments. Hope you enjoy.


GASP! More Artwork!

Whoa, I’m smothering you, two posts in one day!

Here is a piece I’m really proud of that took a little too long to end up on the site. Oh well, better late than never, right!? This was made as a Christmas gift for one of my long-time patrons. It was so very fun to paint and came out so cool. I heard he liked it! I really want to do another one. Maybe that’ll be on the list of a million-and-one things I want to create.  Check out the full staff and other shots in the Unconventional Painting Gallery.

On another note, lots of new postings all over the site. There are 2 new galleries. Check ‘um out! You can expect more fun stuff this week too!

Have a splendid week!

staff dec 10.jpg

Let them eat Cake!!

So I've been working overtime at work with not a lot of time for drawing of any kind. Who knew sitting in front of a computer for an extra 4 hours a day for two weeks would make one so exhausted.

But I got my creativity fix in last weekend when my friend got married and I volunteered to make the cake. So I'm posting it here. Hey, cakes are creative! So enjoy the glory that is the simple antique stucco texture of my first wedding cake!

It was seven layers with pumpkin spice and apple spice cakes with cream cheese frosting and buttercream frosting with gardenia accents.

Hope everyone has a good week!

cake 040911.jpg