Sick in the Head

So art night will not be as exciting as it normally is. I am sick in bed! woooo hooo. :( In between my napping and bouts of slight hallucinations I managed to work on some patterning and textures. Ta da! Enjoy, stay warm and well. 


Art Night Tonight!

So we tried playing with the 3D side of Photoshop tonight. We made a few strange objects. The best of which were this lovely jar... planter type thing. And a very lovely Easter egg colored tree... with bullet dents in it. And on that note. Ta-da!


Yeah I know... not too exciting. But I learned things and stuff... Don't worry another post coming soon. lol

Have a great weekend!

Art Nights Past

Here is a painting from an art night past that I never uploaded. I know.. for shame, for shame. We practiced our Rorschach painting skills. We mostly saw bunnies in chocolate sauce but this one ended up with a cityscape on it. Enjoy, and Happy Turkey week everyone! Be thankful.  

Ink City.jpg