So it has been a while. Lots of things has changed and many many busy things happening. 

But here it is ANOTHER ANIMATION! This of course, is just a test. I wanted to see how texture and jitter worked with hand drawn animation. It's a little too fast and not enough frames but I ran out of paper.  But I am very happy with how the test came out. Without further ado, here we go. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Foo Falls.jpg

Creatures Can Move

Well it has been a long time since I posted. Alot has happened in that time... but straight to the art! Here is my first real animation. I've never done more than 10 consecutive drawings before. BEHOLD! 90-some-odd consecutive drawings!

I drew him for a very good friend who needed to smile. Funny how someone can inspire you so much.

Little guy is squirmin along and runs out of room on the paper so he decides to jump as high as he can for some excitement but what will happen on the fall down!?!? Find out on our next episode... oh wait... you can already see. Nevermind, all ends well.

Thanks for any comments. Hope you enjoy.