Testing Testing... 3, 4

Remember way back when, when I said we were going to review a few vendors for all your information needs! Well it's finally time to address a new site - BlueCanvas -

But lets start this story with a few initial facts...

1. I ordered a set of post cards with the same design on them  from 2 sites at the same time... well 10 minutes apart! lol

2. The previously reviewed articles arrived a few weeks after purchasing. Maybe 2 weeks at the most.

3. The items I ordered from BlueCanvas were not to be seen! Where could they be!? And this is where our story picks up...

After 3 disgruntled phone calls and several MORE weeks later they arrived. In a beat up little white envelop... I actually threw it away already so no shot of that... sorry.


Again I think it all comes down to what you like in a print. My cohort of dastardly art-attacks likes the BlueCanvas one's better. I prefer the RedBubble