New York City 2017


Erin Relyea was born in San Diego, California and spent her youth traveling around the country with her family. She went to Keene State College in New Hampshire studying graphic design and fine art. After graduating with a Bachelors of Art in Graphic Design she moved to Florida to be closer to family. Erin worked as a Graphic Designer for the Walt Disney Company for 10 years before leaving to pursue an independent career in art, design and craft. 

Erin currently lives in Fort Myers, Florida with her husband and dog and specializes in graphite drawings, digital illustration, and watercolor paintings. She is currently exploring painting on unique media including wood, ceramic and clay ornaments, and clay sculptures. 


Let's see, a little about myself. Well, I was born in San Diego, CA but lived in several places with my family because my parents were in the military. GO NAVY! 

I guess that's why I don't feel I have a home base... the whole country is my home. I love traveling and meeting new people, experiencing new places and new adventures. All of these things are part of what inspires me in my work. Nature and its juxtaposition to the urban landscapes of man is also a big influence in my work. Exploring the psychology of man and his imagination; what is normal versus what is a wonderland, are present in some of my works. 

These oppositions of man v. nature, man, and man v. self can be positive influences on us and the planet if we let them. I want my world to be a beautiful one so I am creating it one piece at a time.

I love all aspects of art and the process of creation and the effects it has on people. The work you will see here is a collection of art, crafts, and design that make our spaces beautiful, interesting, crazy, weird; just plain awesome! 

I hope you find something you like and leave a comment!


My passion is storytelling through illustration, color, and expression.
My passion is intensity and subtlety of light and shadow to create emotion.
My passion is surrealism and unpredictability.

I like exploring unreasoning, abstraction, surrealism, fantasy, symbolism, social norms and irony, playing off of words or ideas, puns, bringing aspects of our world into something not quite our own, a wonderland.

I am inspired by urban architecture, illustration and animation, art nouveau, and photorealism. I'm also inspired by all the different landscapes and places I've seen, particularly New England.