Morning Walk

Had to get up early for this one! I love nature photography and I've been trying to get better at getting a shot or two. Such an unpredictable thing to try to capture. Hope you like. HERE is the full image. 

2018 Unamusing Morning.png

Burrowing Owls

When Nature and Art Meet

We stopped by to see the new Peace River Botanical Garden and Sculpture Garden in Punta Gorda, Florida. 1st stage is open now with 11 acres of gardens, sculptures, boardwalks, gazebos, and snack bar. Future stages will open more acreage (26 or so), an art gallery and lots more plant life and artwork to look at! Can't wait!

Go support art and nature at your nearest Gardens or Park! Where do you like to go to see nature and art combine

Happy Valentine's Day!

I like celebrating Valentine's day with any type of love - romantic, friendship, family, or even the love we should have for strangers, our fellow human. Whether you celebrate with a friend, spouse, or a sibling today is about feeling the love! Maybe buy a stranger behind you a coffee at the drive thru. Or give a coworker a extra nice hello. Just try spreading the love. Hope you have a great day!

2018-Valentines Unicorn.png

its INKTOBER baby!

So this is the first year I really wanted to try to do the INKTOBER challenge. Basically it was started by an artist who knew he should be drawing everyday, to practice. Then it blew up from there. He put out a list of ideas to help artists get ideas of what to draw and the rest is up to you. So naturally I'm a day late but I'm really motivated this year to participate. So here are my first and second day drawings. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to send encouraging comments. I need all the motivation I can get. 

 Day 1: SWIFT

Day 1: SWIFT